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Coaching & Development

Strengthening individual and organizational effectiveness.

Who are you Being?

Coaching develops competencies for current and future roles, fostering success for the individual and the organization. What roles do you want to strengthen? High-potentials, entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, business analysts, HR professionals, and project managers…

Experience in those roles allows a depth of understanding and communication that goes far deeper than knowing what’s in a job description.

We bring a presence and an ability to listen at a deeper level – one that shows appreciation for the individual beyond simply gathering metrics and data. One that embodies empathy, collaboration, patience and kindness while also challenging the individual to consider and attempt new ways of being, thinking and acting.

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Alan’s coaching has been nurturing and has enabled me to gain confidence. Coaching helped me to identify my goals clearly and to take steps in implementing my goals. Working through my blocks and resistance to focus and discipline were very important moments because it helped me claim with more conviction what I was doing.

I had to constantly create a truth that propelled me forward. There was a sense that the right brain creative process and the left brain organizing process needed to be balanced and Alan’s coaching helped me face this reality. Furthermore having someone to share my
accomplishments with as I reached goals worked very well.

Independent Artist & Playwright