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Welcome To Knwoledge Sculpting

Welcome to Knowledge Sculpting

Integrating Awareness & Improvement Across Your Organization


Business Areas

  • HR/ Talent Management
  • OD/ Performance Management
  • Product and Service Development
  • Operations and Manufacturing
  • IT and Technology Application
  • Training/ Instructional Design/ UX


  • Improvement of Operations, Product Development and Manufacturing processes utilizing Lean, JIT, Agile or 6 Sigma philosophies
  • Implementation of learning and talent systems
  • Aligning competencies for performance management and business focus
  • Instruction design, development and delivery
  • Coaching managers and individual contributors


Alan and the engineering team ensured that the project was capable of being manufactured within our facility and that the concerns of Operations were addressed. He provided feedback to R&D on ways to improve the designs and our customers feel that Alan has been very responsive to their needs. Alan was a very important part of improving the product development process. Great Job!